Finally after so long, I managed to allocate some time to collect my wii set from SPH. Will be going on Saturday morning. I’m not a game person, yap, I’m boring! The only games I played were The Sims, Bubble Puzzles, Tetris and some ulu or retro kind of games. So I really need help. What games should I get for my wii?

I think one title I’m planning to get is “Cooking Mama”. Seems quite fun. And its almost brainless right? Some other games recommended to me were all the Mario games, and one which has a rabbit in it. Do you have any to recommend?

And has anyone seen a carrying case for the console? I will probably have to get one since this wii of mine will have to be transported between a few places. Haha!

Anyone wants to loan? $50/hr? LOL!