Have you seen their advertisement on TV? Did you notice anything about it? If you’re still unaware of what the website is about, why not go take a look?

For those who’ve been to the website, you would probably know what I am going to say.

Yap! youdeservebetter.sg is a M1 initiative and its a site for them to collect survey from users and try to show that they’re listening to the consumers. I’m not a M1 customer myself, so I’m not sure how well they’re listening to customers. In fact, being a Singtel customers for so long, I’m also not aware, or should I say, I don’t even care if they’re listening to me or not. As long as they’re providing me the service I’m paying for, I’m happy. And if I’ve things or issue to complain, I hope they would have.

If you’d notice, the actors in the TVC (TV commercial) for youdeservebetter.sg wore red ties and carrying red microphones. I’m so it’s obvious ya? :P I wonder why not use green leh. Hmm… Oh wait! Was the mp3 player the guy held green? Haha!

Updated: Just realised the ties were green and red! And the other green spotted was on the secretary’s hand… yap! The green bangle! The orange guys are sure working its competitors right out!