Just last night I was blabbing about how those appearance of me on papers aren’t of much use as they didn’t mention about my blog. And today, in Digital Life, 5 bloggers were featured for the amount of monie they’re getting from blogging.

The 5 bloggers mentioned either have a decent traffic to their blog or fan base already. And now that their blog url is printed on the papers, they’ll probably be enjoying even more traffic now and earning more money. That’s why they can afford to earn monie through blogging. But let’s look at the real situation now, how many of you bloggers out there have managed to earn enough from these advertising companies and cashed out the money?

I’m not trying to promote my product, but its just something which I’d blogged before, and I’m going to say it again. YEBBER PAYS MORE!

Quoting from a fellow member from Yebber,

“Yebber$ is like a consistent income.”

This was what he told me when I asked him to compare his blog earnings and his Yebber$ earnings. So far over 10 month period, he earned about S$300 from his blog ads. At Yebber, he had already exchanged about S$320 over 9 months.

Let me enlighten further with an example:

Let’s say you post 5 photos (max.) for every review you write on Yebber.com, you’ll earn Y$25. Everyday, you find some time to post 2 reviews on Yebber… so it’ll total up to Y$25 x 2 x 30 = Y$1,500. Based on the exchanged rate on Yebber now, you’ll get *Y$1,500 x S$0.0664 = $99.60!

It’s sooo easy right? $99.60 in a month for just writing 2 reviews and adding photos everyday?? Since many of us are already taking photos of food, places, while shopping and all, why not spend some time posting it up and share your experiences with the 100,000+ people visiting Yebber?

Which review site pays you for writing reviews, posting photos, adding new businesses and even for reading the reviews???!!!! This ONLY happen at Yebber.com loh! So what are you waiting for?

One of the members who’ve cashed out at Yebber.com shared on her blog…Brainy Bimbo

Sometimes we run contests to help members boost up their Yebber$ too!
Follow Yebber blog for more information. And also to share, another blogger who won in the recent contest at Yebber – UFC received Y$100 recently!

If you’ve any doubts, or questions, you can leave a comment or send me an email. :)

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Disclaimer: This post is a suggestion as to an alternative for people (young and old, blogger or non-blogger) to earn a little extra income just by posting reviews and photos on Yebber.com. And the example given above is not the norm and should only be considered as a suggestion on how one can increase their Y$ earning and speed up their accumulation. It is not suggested that it is a must for anyone to post 2 reviews with photos in a day.