Ever since I started blogging, I find it strange why friends around me doesn’t seem to be into blogging as much as I do. And when I started chatting with Krisandro, then we realised something! There’s sooo many bloggers from 1980s but so few are from 1981! How can??? Where has all the 1981s gone to?

We’ve decided to get this call for 81s-bloggers out there! If you’re born in 1981, and know of other bloggers who’s 1981 too, past this on and add yourself to the list so that previous bloggers will be able to find you too.

Just copy and paste the following list and add on to it. PLEASE NOTE that this list is only for bloggers born in the year 1981! If you’re not, please start your own list and pass it on.

1. Claudia (July) – http://claudia.sg
2. Sharon (Nov) – http://eternityong.wordpress.com/
3. Kris (Dec) – http://krisandro.com

Please pass this on to all the 1981 bloggers out there! And don’t forget to link it back!