It sucks to be sick! For the past 2 days (over the weekend somemore!), I’m deprived of snacks. My weakest link is chocolate, especially when I’m uber stress, I will stuff myself with lots of chips and snacks. Perhaps I should try Sheylara’s way of “dieting”. But I doubt I would be able to survive just on snack everyday thou. I wonder how she managed to do it.

Anyway, since I was deprived from eating snacks, I tried googling for them. Can’t eat but can see mah! Haha! Yes I was that desperate can?! So I tried searching for “Snack Blog” and I ended up chancing upon Justine’s blog at Tasty Blog Snack. Although the blog is not all about snack, but still I find her content pretty interesting. And I love her self-shot videos! The new trend for cam-whoring! Loving her blog! Go check it out!

Couple of other snack blogs I found, but either its outdated with no new posts, or its nothing fantastic. Just when I was about to give up, I found this! A blog all about snacks! And looking at it, seems like its by some locals too! So cool lah! If I’ve the time, I would love to blog about snacks too! Maybe Sheylara can join in this group of bloggers too. :P

I found CC’s girlfriend there also loh! Our Snack Blog

Something different from the usual food blogs that’s soo common these days. *ahem ahem* (I know people are going to humtam me soon.)