This is the coolest I’ve seen so far! I admit I’m a little skeptical at first, but when I saw the phone, I simply couldn’t stop drooling! I loveeee it sooo much that I’m willing to forgo all my other presents for the rest of the year just so someone can buy this one for me!! Wahahaha! So who’s going to buy it for me??

Imagine these…

WATCH videos online on the web browser at ultra high speed! YES! Video streaming is possible on the HTC Touch Diamond!! There’s even a customized build in UI for YouTube fans!

Forget about scrolling left, right, up, down just to read a page on your mobile phone, now you can zoom to the exact parts you want to read and the text AUTO adjusts itself to fit within the screen! (No matter how big the font you’re zooming into!) I loveeee!

Small, sleek and stylish! Loveee the metal body, glass screen and diamond-like behind!

Runs on Win Mobile 6.1 Professional with HTC customized interface. And I’m NOT talking about normal boring drop-down menu nor those dull looking lists loh! Using TouchFLO 3D technology, you can view your contact lists as if you’re flipping through your favorite photo album! Watch your email being sent to your inbox in envelops! Watch (not read) the weather forecast right from the phone! Do all this on the super clear and brilliant 2.8-inch TFT-LCD touch-sensitive screen VGA resolution display!

There are just sooo many WOWs for this sleek stylish phone! I’m sure you’ll be able to experience it more with Rinaz’s videos and Jayden’s photos. I’m just toooo excited about the phone to do anything. (Excuses! Real reason cos I forgot to charge my camera battery!)

The men from HTC –
Jack Tong (VP HTC Asia), Jason Juang (Executive VP)
and John Wang (Cheif Marketing Officer)

But SERIOUSLY!!! This phone is better than the iPhone UI lah! It’s smaller and less prone to scratches too! And it comes with a stylus and ladies with long fingernails can use it too! Some of us were sooo intrict by the phone, we stayed on after 6 to discover more about the phones with the nice people from HTC. Thanks Melvin and Jessica for being so patient with us.

OK… now you must be wondering this phone is just too good to be true. Of cos, nothing is 100% perfect lah! Some not so good points about this phone is that it doesn’t allow add-on memory so we’ll have to make do with the inbuilt 4GB storage. (Not so good cos iPhone got like up 32GB?) While trying on the demo set, there seem to be some lagging when changing between functions and it took quite awhile for the camera to load. But since its just a demo set, the real thing might not have this problem. With super sleek graphics, I worry about the battery life thou. But they assured that its good for a day use and if used moderately, it should last for about 2 days.

But STILL!! HTC Touch Diamond is just tooooo good to miss lah!!! So who’s going to buy for me?? I promise to be good and not buy anymore new gadgets for the rest of 2008! Wahahahaha!

For those who’s planning to get an iPhone, but does not own a mac, or even if you do, hold your horses! Go check out the HTC Touch Diamond first and compare before deciding which to invest in!

Here’s the product video for this latest craze coming to town in June. I video-ed it while they played at the launch but I found the video at HTC website, and since I can’t embed it, I downloaded and uploaded to vimeo instead. Hope they wouldn’t mind. Please inform me if this has to be removed ya.

P/s: Thanks Gina from The Right Spin for the invitation to the launch of this super cool phone!

You can watch a demo video of the Touch Diamond at work here.

Great video montage by Rinaz on the highlight of the phone… (plus me, with messy hair and orgasmic look, at the end of the video. Haha!!)

Stress Test on the HTC Touch Diamond! at Sheylara’s