It’s really nothing to shout about, but since some people every little thing also want to blog, so I shall post this up too. Haha! At least I got my face on it lah. So still better than just name mentioned lah. But still, its seriously no big deal lah.

Anyway, if you didn’t see it on TNP, here’s the shot of the little box I was given.

So how did my face got up there and why was I asked to give a statement on this topic? Seriously, I also don’t know why leh. This girl whom I met at one of the event who’s interning at SPH, just happened to call me on Friday and asked if she can ask me some questions. I thought she’s doing some feedback collection for her article, so I just answered her loh. Then after that she told me to send a photo to her. I was like… erm… alright loh. You asked me to send so I send loh.

Later then I found out its going to be under Speak Column. Which I have no idea what’s it about leh. Haha! I seldom read papers one. So today when I saw TNP, then I realised its somewhere where public can contribute their letters/comments or shots in to be published lah. If its being selected for publishing, the contributor will get $50 border voucher. But sadly, I didn’t receive any since ermm… they’re the one that contacted me.

So ya, that’s that lah. Anyway, I guess many bloggers or readers of online stuff would not have seen that papers too lah. So I’m posting it up here for all to see loh.

I hope if ever I get a chance to appear in the news again, they’ll be kind enough to mention my blog lah. Then my traffic might go even higher lah. Haha! Like the previous one I was featured, Sandra did mention about So I’m happy lah. At least my work is being “promoted” on the papers lah. So if you’re reading this, and hope to feature me in your next article, be kind k? Mention my URL. It’s so simple leh! Just add .sg behind my name! :P