I’ve never tried it before. It was my very first time. Rinaz was the one who initiated it. Before I could decline her offer, I’m already on her! She was shocked when I managed to surprise her over and over again. She was enjoying it throughout the session. Me too, it was something new and exciting. I got to explore the many functions and never did I know it could be so cool!

At first she said she’ll keeel me if I capture it and blog about it. But then later she agreed to me sharing our first time with everyone. Here are some shots taken during our first webcamwhoring on MSN!

(What were you thinking about you dirty fellow! :P)

This is my first time using the Motion Eye on the Sony Vaio for MSN. There’s this iMagic effect where you can just click to apply to the video call on MSN. Its so funny lah! Rinaz and I were fooling around for like hmm 45min? Can’t remember lah, but it was damn funny. Anyone else want to play webcamwhoring with me and Rinaz? Wahahahaha!