I can’t remember how I chanced upon this young guy whom has a great mind and thoughts. Coming from a none communication related background, I struggled at my job. Even after almost 9 months, I see myself needing to learn more, to hear more and to read more. But if you still don’t know me well enough, you might not know that I HATE reading. Yes! Everytime I see lines and lines and paragraph of words, my eyes tend to shut and my brain usually ignores 99% of the words infront of me. But I find myself reading Daryl‘s blog at Unique-Frequency. I’ve to say I admires and respect his work on his blog. He may be only a fresh fresh-grad-to-be from SMU, but he sure have a very good mind and concept on what he’s doing. Vocal is another word to describe him.

This guy is one to look out for. If you’re scratching your head now, why not check out his recent hot posts on Why Social Media Struggles in Singapore. I’d been reading it over and over for a couple of time, but with my mind being occupied by sooo many things now, I just don’t know how to contribute. I really want to but my mind just aren’t making sentences out. :(