This is one show that everyone should catch! Especially if you’re a fan of Transformer, Robocop, Matrix and some fun in action movie. Yap! Iron Man is almost like a mashed up of the above movies with its own twist, jokes and directions.

The lead actor, Tony Stark by Robert Downey Jr., was the right man for the show! He’s charismatic, humorous and quite an action hero. Somehow resemble a little like Wolverine in X-men. But a smaller version of him. He did a great job at portraying the character of Tony Stark. The way he looked into his assistance’s, Pepper played by Gwyneth Paltrow, eyes during the dance at the ball will probably melt many girls heart. His character in the show is very well scripted. From a playboy, billionaire genius and one who lives in a world of his own indulgence, he was transformed to a whole new man after his kidnapped encounter. Through this experience, he sees the truth behind his company and how his inventions were misused. Hence he is determined to create an ultimate high-tech armor to attack and destroy the real evil doers and protect the world.

Credits have to go to the huge graphic and animation team. They managed to create super realistic robots and computer interface used by Tony. His lab at the basement of his super stylish house is filled with high tech and futuristic equipments and machines. I couldn’t keep my mouth close when Tony worked on his Iron Man prototype on the computers. Very impressive! Love it!

This is surely a must watch for all the techie and geeky people out there. Go and be dazzled by the clever use of animations and technology that brings all the Wows and Ooohs for the Iron Man.

I’m giving the show a 4.5 our of 5 stars! Loving it! If only I can fly like him!
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Do stay for after the credits if you’re watching the show. But be warned that the credits roll for a super super long time! If you’re too lazy to wait for it, well, just click and drag from here on to find out what’s at the end of the credits… from here>> “Do you think you’re the only super hero in the world?… Who the hell are you? … I’m the director of Shin. I’m here to talk to you about the adventure of the S.H.I.E.L.D.” Yap! So there’ll be Iron Man 2! Can’t wait!