Over lunch with 3 babes, we ordered Mutton Stew, Country Roast Leg of Lamb and others. One of the babe asked…

“So what is the difference between a lamb, a sheep and where does the mutton come from?”

We all looked at one another and I could “see” the question marks popping out from everyone’s head. The conversation got alittle confused, so one of the babes decided to google for it on his her mobile phone. And according to a google search, lamb is a young sheep that’s 1 year or younger. After which, the lamb will become a sheep.

This is the photo of a lamb

So that means lamb and sheep are from the same family. One is the younger version and the other an older one.

These are sheeps

And next came the next question…

“So lamb chop comes from lamb, and what about mutton?”

We starred at one another again, and then I announced proudly that mutton comes from sheep! Wahahahahaha!!! Later I realised I was sooo wrong! Mutton actually comes from goat and NOT sheep!

This is a goat

So now the next question that came to mind, so do we eat sheep meat in the first place? Or is there only lamb meat and goat meat (aka mutton).

And then, later, I asked Abang the same question, and we both burst into huge laughter! Cos the more I questioned him, the more he got confused and we ended up getting all blurred by the lamb, the sheep and the goat! I’m sure if you ask the same question to a primary school kid, I’m sure they’ll be able to give the answer much easier than us! Adults tend forget the most basic knowledge. Funny isn’t it?

Just for laugh… and yes, it’ll be super L-A-M-E, so please skip this part if you don’t want to feel the chill!

Remember the advertisement of this milk where the mother cow teaches her baby cow to sing? She goes “Mooo” and the baby cow goes “Smooo”. So I came up with these..

“Baaaa” Vs “Sbaaaa”

“Meooow” Vs “Smeowwww”

“Wooof!” Vs “Swooof!”

*soooo cold!!!*