I loveee-ed scrapping! But I still like it now, in fact I’m missing it!! But I’ve no time to scrap anymore. I still do have tons of scrapbooking stuff left around my room, soon I’ll find one day for a “Scrap Garage Sale” at my house. (Probably in June. Watch out for it!)

“i heart photography” – one which I did long ago

I’m so excited when I saw Sylvia’s twit about Scrapblog. I immediately registered and gave it a try. I’ve to say I’m loving it! It’s sooo much easier and its like digital scrapbooking that’s FREE! Love it! I’m seeing myself using it very often as its fast in loading and works so easily. I can pull photos from my flickr account and I get to embed and share my photos in pretty scrapbook pages!

If you’re a scrap-a-holic like I was, go try Scrapblog! It’s cool!

Here’s what I did on my 1st try…

2 days after trying out Scrapblog and 2 days after typing the above post and saving it as draft.

I was going to post the published scrapbook here but guess what?! After multiple tries to publish the 3 pages of my 1st scrapbook for the past 2 days, I failed to get it published! It’ll hang there for sooo long that I gave up! Not sure what went wrong thou. The loading for editing is fast and saving has no problem. Just the publishing part I got stuck! Checked the FAQ in the site and followed the troubleshooting instructions. Still cannot publish!! Arggggh! Giving up!