Saw this red poster pasted at the pillars of Kallang McDonald! And we’re so sad that its happening.

Dear Customers,

Please be informed that provision of power supply in the dining area will cease with effect from 1 June 2008.

Thank you for your understanding.

– McDonald, printed on 22 May 2008

Since 3 years ago, we’ve been almost like a regular here at Kallang McDonald. And I’m sure many people are too. One will see students, professionals and laptop users hanging around to do their stuff. We’ve always love coming to Kallang McDonald to do our work over the weekends. The parking here is free, there’s power source for our laptops and there’s the good old food from McDonald that’s fill our hungry tummy. But now that they’re going to stop providing the power supply here, I think we’ll probably not be returning again.

The next best place to go is Kallang Leisure Park. Although parking isn’t free there, but there’s ample parking lots and there’s Starbucks there, which provide power supply.

So today will be our last day here. Farewell our once dearest Kallang McDonald.