Did you miss this gathering? Wondering what crazy things Pingsters did at Brewerkz tonight. (BTW, we’re still here now!!) OK! So here’s a sneak of what is happening here…

Updated: 12:11am on 18 May 2008
Home after the event. Great meeting many new pingsters today! Had great time chatting. So now… we sure wait for Miss Hello Kitty to post about it so we can “steal” the links from her. :P

Here’s Video #2…a combo of random shots from tonight.

I think I missed almost half of those who came. My bad. Too shy (ahem ahem) to go over the “serious” side. Hope will get a chance to meet the rest who came today too. Looking forward to the next Pingsters gathering.

For photos, go check out Adam’s blog. He got everyone’s faces there!
For links to fellow bloggers who posted on this session, I think Arzhou is compiling them.