I’m stuck in a decision now. I don’t know which is a better alternative to take. I need help! If you’re a mac user, a photographer, a videographer, a video editor, or a web2.0 enthus like me (ahem ahem!), than can you pleaseeee help me?

I’m now using a macbook 2GHz, Intel Core 2 Duo with 2GB 667 MHz memory. My harddisk memory (80GB) is drying up and had to backup lots of things in my external HDD daily to make space for more new stuff. 80GB where got enough???

Recently I found myself doing LOTS and LOTS of HD video editing and post processing tons of high resolution photos. Up top of these, I will be starting to create my own music with Garageband and thus need lots lots lots more storage and faster and better processors.

So now I’ve given myself a couple of choices. I need help to decide which is the most cost effective one. Do you think you can help?

Option 1
Buy a 500GB Seagate Free Agent HDD + upgrade my current 80GB internal HDD to 200GB + iMovie08 upgrade
This option, I will have to fork out cash for all the above. It’ll probably set me back to about $600 cash.

Option 2
Sell off my 1 year old macbook (with 3 more years warranty) + buy a macbook pro on interest free installment plan + 500GB Seagate Free Agent HDD
For this option, I will get some cash in hand from the sale of my current macbook, and I’ll end myself up with yet another installment plan which will probably be around $200 for 24months. The cash in hand I can use it to buy the Seagate HDD and offset whatever outstanding bills for my cards. Hmm… tempting option.

Option 3
Stick to whatever I have now and just dump all rarely used files into hundreds of DVDs. And continue to backup and delete files from my macbook to make room for new stuff.
This one, I will most probably end up wasting lots of time everyday trying to find files to remove, delete and transfer to external HDD or DVDs. Time is not an option as I’m running out of time!

So now what? Is there an option 4 for me? How???