If you’re wondering why that woman lying on the green grass seem so familiar, well, yes, if you’d not noticed by now, that’s me! Never had I imagined they would put up such a huge photo of me and my gadgets on The Straits Time Saturday featured story lah!

Thanks to Sandra Davis, whom contacted me via email about a month ago, asking if she can do a short interview with me as she’s working on a story on Gen Y in the workforce. But it was only recently then she got the green light from her boss that the article will be used. So over the past few days, we spoke over the phone for a few times and she arranged for a photographer to meet me to get a few shots.

If you’ve not seen the papers today,
here’s the cover of Saturday on 10 May 2008.

My short blurb is on page S5, with a huge unglam shot of me.

The photo is great. But that face… gosh!
I think I’m better behind the cameras lah.

Seeking Thrills, Spills and Variety
Claudia Lim, 27, community manager of Yebber.com
Ms Lim holds two diplomas in business and education. She started her working life as a primary school teacher but left after three years to be the operations manager of an art and crafts shop. She is now a community manager at Yebber.com, a website where the public is invited to post online reviews of shops, restaurants, hotels and a range of lifestyle services.

Gadget-loving Ms Lim owns a Macbook, two cameras, a Sony camcorder, a Creative Zen digital music player and a Motorola PDA phone. Of her apparent Generation Y habit of job-hopping, she says:
“I am looking for the right fit in terms of a career. One that will give me variety and constantly challenge me.”

Some questions I got from friends, relatives and Yebbers which I thought I should just blog about it instead of repeating it over and over again. Ha!

How did TST (Sandra) found me?
Seriously, I really don’t know how she found me in the first place. But I guess, she could have been surfing around blogs and chanced upon mine and saw my resume on my blog? Or perhaps someone had referred me to her while she chatted with them.

Wah! So Claudia, you’re now famous liao leh! Photo so big on the papers!
Ermm… there’s thousands of faces appearing on papers and magazines daily lah. And how many can you recall? Not many right? So ya, I’m not famous or what lah. Just happened to be shortlisted to be featured. And with that unglam shot of me, with my big eyebag and round round cheek, I would rather people see and forget that they saw my face lah! I’ve a strange and strong feeling that I would most probably be stared at in the bus on Monday loh! Everyday I see the same faces in the same bus! (Maybe I should just take an earlier or later bus to work next few days. Ha!)