Much has been talked and heard about on the case of Blogger’s Treat and Podfire. And then many started comparing Blogger’s Treat and Small Girl Big Appetite. Then there’s the stimulating teaser by All these to me are good sign for the much talk about Social Media scene in Singapore. More and more individuals and bloggers are talking about creating their own shows and everyone wants a piece of this new trend.

Just like the then battle of T-C-S-8 and C-H-A-N-N-E-L-U, the bigger player wins and the smaller one got bought over. But those are the big big players and probably the only player that’s in the media broadcast business locally. So there’s really nothing that any smaller player can do.

But now with the advancement of technology and the increasing use of internet for entertainment purpose, the big players started providing video-on-demand sites for internet users to enjoy their program anywhere anytime (with a small amount of monthly subscriptions). However, for alternative and FREE entertainment online, (Internet is FREE isn’t it?) users are going to YouTube, Vimeo, TuDou, Pomoho and many many other video hosting sites.

But now… we the people of this nation are trying to step into the online entertainment scene. Providing yet another alternative for users of the Internet to go to for entertainment. And almost anyone and everyone can become a self-proclaimed producer or director overnight. With the right tools, concept and skills, everyone can have their own show in the world of Internet! Fantastic isn’t it?

There’re so many users online, and there’s no limitation like fixed showtime, missing out of any show, having to pay to watch the show etc etc. Internet is 24-7 isn’t it? And the show will always be there! So if you missed one episode, you’ll still be able to catch it anytime you want.

Sooo the question is why is everyone so “troubled” by what’s happening behind the scenes of these productions? Just because bloggers are the one doing the show, it doesn’t mean that they should be airing out their thoughts so openly on their blogs too. Work is work. If one is so openly sharing their personal life in their blog, and mixed work with this. It just doesn’t sound and look professional isn’t it?

(Ok, I think I’m sidetracking a little too far. Back to my initial point…)

My point is, there’s no need to fight about these things ya. Everyone who watches SGBA can also be audience of Blogger’s Treats and (<<----VERY Looking forward to this one!) right? As long as the show is worth watching, there'll sure be their loyal fans and followers. So concentrate on the production instead of the battling part k.

Don’t forget!!!