After almost a decade with my long mane, and after many struggles with myself, I finally chopped it off! And with a totally new stylist too! I’m surprise by myself today! So how much did I chopped off this time?

It’s ALOT!
NEVER so short in the past years!

I’m on leave today, hoping to recover from the rotten-ness I enjoyed over the weekend (Updates coming soon!), so I decided to do something to get myself freshened up before heading back to the real and challenging world tomorrow.

The stylist I visited previously is close on Tuesday. So I had to make a decision to either go back to my other stylist which will probably cost me a bomb again, or try someone new. After going through the list of reviews at Yebber, I decided to call this place up to check their price. After knowing that there’s a 20% discount going on now, I got excited. But before I could decide whether or not to go ahead with it, the guy over the phone already asked if I want to make a booking. I don’t know what got into me at that point of time, but I just said a time at random and there! I got myself booked at 2.30pm today! Shocked at my decision, I decided to just go ahead. How bad could it be right?

Before I headed out today, I took a final shot of myself. This was how I look before I went out today…

So at 2.30pm, I arrived at Ang Mo Kio, Big Mac Center…

Flhair Salon

This place is very much hidden, but I’m glad I managed to find them through Yebber. Through some careful listening to another stylist chatting with his customer, I managed to grab some information about this place. Flhair Salon was started a year ago by 3 guys. One of them is call Calvin (I think), another call Aaron (I think) and there’s Tim, my stylist for today. The place is simple and modernly renovated, with nice wallpaper and huge mirrors.

There were 2 other customers when I reached. I sat down and was immediately served by Tim. We discussed about the type of haircut I want and he gave his suggestions and views. I was prepared to go real short this time. Almost like those “Bob” look that’s pretty “in” these days. But due to my curls, it wasn’t recommended. And with that style, I’ll probably look like a hugeee ball on my hugeee body! Ha! Agreeing to his suggestions, he started straightening up the curls with hair dryer…

I didn’t know my hair was that long wor!

Then he started snipping and cutting and then I saw some light…

When I saw this, I knew I wasn’t going to regret chopping it off!

After more snips, a 3-step-hair-treatment, drying and more snipping, I’m seeing the almost final image of the new me!

Here’s the back view…

Would prefer it to be shorter thou.

Overall I like the service and the final look managed to “WOW” me. Tim gives very good head massage too! (During wash lah!) If you’re tired and needs a little boost in the head (Ha!), you can pop by just for wash and blow service. It’s well worth it! I will be going back in a month or two to cover up the highlighted part and chop off more hair!

During my 3 hours at Flhair Salon, I saw many other customers coming in with either messy hair or hair that’s way too long for their look. But they all left with great hair and better look! Being guy stylists themselves, they sure know what’s in and best suitable for the men. Many customers that came today were guys too. And I’ll sure be recommending my guy friends who want a fresh new look to try this place out.

If you’re looking for a place to go to get a fresh new look, why not give Flhair Salon a try? They’re having a 20% discount now! (Till when I’m not sure. Can call them to check it out ya.)

Soooo how does Claud looks like now?


Nice or not?

BF keeps calling me cute! And say I look like the character in Minna no Golf, a PSP game! *faints*

*Disclaimer: This post is NOT an advertorial! Like all my previous review posts, I enjoyed and am happy with their service, hence I’m writing about it. So don’t come chase me for more details or if there’s any further discounts if you quote my blog etc etc. Whatever I know is already written in this post. For contact details of this place, please click here.