Claud is one of the most unfriendly and fiercest woman around. She hardly smiles and seem to act as if she’s some big shot. People feel uncomfortable with her around and she’s just too stuck up to be approached. Some people feel that she’s always doing things with a motive. Claud is an evil person. She does not deserve to get any attention nor invitation to any media event as she’s ugly and don’t know how to dress herself up. She looks like an auntie and people simply don’t like to be associated with Claud!

Is that how you see Claud as?

Based on the testimonials she got from her teachers and colleagues, she’s surely not anything close to the description above. In fact, for those whom she had build a healthy relationship with, feels otherwise.

For those who rarely spoke to her, for those who just cannot be bothered to get to know her, will of course never be able to discover the real Claud, that sometimes get hidden inside. (Especially when she’s around a group of people who’s more vocal than she is.) You see, Claud used to be a quiet and very self-conscious girl. She was very very fat, ugly, tom-boyish, looks like a maid with her super dark skin and nerdy looking short hair.

Actually, Claud is very used to the first impression people have of Claud when they first met. So Claud always try to break the barrier between those whom she met for the first time, or with those whom still don’t know who Claud really is.

However, Claud do get lots of other comments from people she’s been talking to, msn-ing with or emailing. And many were quite surprise at who Claud is when they discover so much more about her. They’re amazed at the kind of experience and things Claud can do. (Actually Claud surprised herself too!)

If you don’t really know the real Claud, please don’t judge her based on who you think she is. Cause you’ll be surprised by the real Claud when you finally get to know her. Perhaps for some they might never discover. But for those who care and genuinely wants to know who she is, why not start getting to find out who Claud truly is… by starting a conversation with her?

Talk to Claud lah! You don’t talk how you get to know her wor!