So who is Claudia? Where did she come from? Who is the real Claudia?

This is the real Claudia!

Claudia’s Family – Dad, Mum, Younger Brother and Claudia

Claudia, not her original name, but given at the later part of her life by her godma when Claudia decides that she needs an English name for people to remember more easily. Her real name is she-sure-not-disclose-here.

She was born first in her family. Her parent’s were still young when they gave birth to her. Hence the close age group between she and her parents. This she find it very good as it breaks a lot of barriers, but still at times, she finds that her parents are just not modern enough, in some ways. But she still loves them.

Why is Claudia a Coffee Shop girl?

Well, her parents has been in the hawker business ever since she was born. Started more than 27 years ago at Toa Payoh North, they sold Wanton Mee then. Claudia’s family was staying just at the block next to the parent’s working place, so she was practically “living” at the coffee shop when she was in Primary 5 to Secondary 4. (Before that, Claudia was staying with her Ah Ma (grandmother).) Claudia used to wrap wanton for her parents during weekends and although she was still in primary school then, she can wrap wanton faster than those housewives living nearby ok!

When Claudia hang out at the coffee shop, those aunties and uncles will call her ‘Wanton Mei’. When she’s happy, she’ll also go to the stall to help serve customers. She’ll hold the bowl of hot soup in her right hand and the big bowl of noodle in the other. Like those pro-hawker at the markets k! Don’t play-play!

Hanging out so much at the stall, Claudia was brought up like a true coffee shop girl. She had heard all kind of languages, seen all kind of ah bengs – the young to the olds, watched all kind of nonsense happenings at the coffee shops and know all about betting, gamblings and what not. Claudia has to say, she’s very proud of herself for surviving and being who she is today. Although still very much a Coffee Shop Girl, but she’d learned and seen things that the younger people or even some of her age might not have seen. And never got influenced by those not-so-friendly uncles and aunties when she was younger. Claudia don’t smoke, not a mindless gambler and only drinks socially.

Ever since Claudia’s family moved to where they’re living now, her parents changed from Wanton Mee to Fishball Mee. (Fishball mee needs less preparation work.) Still at the same coffee shop, the same stall selling the same quality of mee. When SPH moved to their new office years ago, one of the reporters was amazed at how the couple run their business and shocked by all the shoutings and yelling during peak hours, he decided to interview Claudia’s parents.

Here’s the clipping…

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They sell Fishball Mee, Minced Pork Mee, Lor Mee and Fried Kway Teow too!

Being the Coffee Shop Family, Claudia’s Dad refused to go for better environment place to eat. For instance, last month on his birthday, Claudia wanted to bring him to a nice restaurant she know for dinner, but because it is in town and according to her Dad, its too expensive, he refused to go. And on Father’s day, Claudia again wanted to bring him to a nice restaurant to eat but he brought the family to his favorite Coffee Shop for Zhi Char dinner! Where he ended up drinking beer with his gang who is there almost every night!

Claudia is happy that she has such loving parents and although she finds them nagging too much at times, but she knows they’re just doing it for her own good.

Taken few years ago

And she shall end this post with her favorite shot of her whole family (maternal side) taken this Chinese New Year…