Even more photos!! Cause Day 2 was the only day where we had the whole day to explore the place! But it didn’t start off as planned. Our initial plan was…

9am: Breakfast
11am: Soak in the sea and play some water sports
1pm: Lunch by the beach
3pm: Soak in the pool
4pm: Back to hut to rot till dinner

But what actually happened was…

When we woke up, this was what we saw outside our water bungalow!

What happened to the sea????

Even Pinky was upset that she didn’t want to show her face

The tide in the morning was very low. And with the non-sloppish beach, water level is ZERO when the tide is low. The sight of water was almost a few km away from the shore. The morning birds were walking on the muddy sea to check out the small tiny island nearby. We were too lazy disappointed with the missing sea, so we decided to stay at the beach instead.

But I did have a short walk on the muddy sea cos one of my Pinkys fell while I was talking photos of it! So I had to go down to pick it up. And my feet got stuck in the mud! It was NOT fun at all lah! (At least for me lah. I hate muds!)

Since there wasn’t any sea to soak in, we took our time to get ready for breakfast.

Pinky waited outside looking at other guests hanging out at the pavilion.

Breakfast was included in our package, and we had a choice of few breakfast items.

“Hmmm… What should I take?
Fish & Chips or Cheese Omelet?”

After our breakfast, we took a free shutter service from Yasin Bungalow to their sister resort, Agro Beach Resort. We were excited to head there as we were told we could use their facilities like the swimming pool! And since the sea has disappeared, we shall spend some time in the pool while waiting for the sea to be filled up.

Agro Beach Resort is just a 3-min drive from Yasin Bungalow. As told by one of the staff at Agro Beach Resort, more Asians, especially Singaporeans prefer to stay there instead of Yasin Bungalow. And she was surprised that we picked to stay there instead. She said most of her guests at Agro prefers to sleep in comfortable air-con rooms instead of the natural sea breeze one over at Yasin. And Yasin is more suitable for the Americans who loves the sun and the beach.

Agro Beach Resort – Entrance to the restaurant

Agro Beach Resort is still very new and many parts are still under constructions. And the facility that we had wanted to use wasn’t ready!!

The pool was under construction!

Very upset when we saw this. It looks so nice and big with jacuzzi pool by the side of the pool. Why isn’t it ready? *sadness* There’s another smaller pool near the reception area where the visitors are using for now. We had a dip in the pool too since the sea disappeared and the big pool wasn’t ready.

Mini pool

Did I mention that the water was SUPER cold?

We then took a walk by the beach after the dip… some things we saw…

Outdoor Massage Pavilion

LOTS of tiny crabs!!

Restaurant by the beach

“Hmm… nice kayaks! But cannot play…”

“…cos there’s no water in the sea!”

The Walk towards the food!

As we were too early for lunch, and the place only starts serving at 11am, we sat outside with our snacks and cards…

Waiting for lunch time.

Finally it’s time for lunch!!
(Time seemed to pass SUPER slowly at this relaxed place)

Table no. 5 – That’s where we sat for lunch

Look what we found on the menu!

Shock Chicken??
(Nope we didn’t want to get shocked. So we skipped that dish.)

Abang was too hungry!

He attempted at eating off my Pinky’s head!

Good thing I managed to stop him in time.

“Wow! Food looks nice!”

Kailan with Beef

Buttered Sotong with ‘Nestle’ Cereal

Fried Seafood Kway Tiao

Grilled Chicken with Rice

Remember the 160K of bill? Here’s what its for…

164,560Rp for lunch! (Only SGD25)

I spotted this behind the restaurant…

Wrecked ship

On the way back to the resort after lunch,

more colorful boats spotted

We returned back to Yasin Bungalow and the sky was getting dark again!

“Rain rain go away! Come again another day!”

For the rest of the day, we spent time sitting at the beach drinking fresh coconut juice, stayed inside the well protected area (bed with mosquito net covering it) to play PSP games and just lazed around and rot. This is the best life for us lah! Totally the opposite of our daily life in Singapore.

For dinner, we had it at our balcony. We ordered some dishes and had cup noodles which we bought from Singapore.

Abang with food…

and me eating the food!

That’s the end of Day 2 for us. Day 3 coming next! And also don’t forget videos and find out who’s this naughty cutie pie!

Scrappy Doooooo