After much delay, finally I’m here with my final day at Yasin Bungalow, Bintan. We stayed at the bungalow vicinity the whole time while we waited for our driver to pick us up to the jetty. It was a beautiful last day and we were glad we took the later ferry timing.

This was the morning view from our room

The usual check-out time at Yasin Bungalow is 12pm. But as our ferry was at 4pm, and had to leave only around 3pm, we requested for an extension so that we could check out later. Thanks to our luck, there weren’t any reservation for that day, hence we were given free extension of the room till we were ready to leave.

Some shots before we settled down for our breakfast…

View of the water bungalows (without the water)

The relax beach chairs

This is the common area with TV
Behind it is the kitchen

These shots were taken at the same time in the morning…

with help from my sunglasses

Used it as a filter in front of my lens for the above shots

Breakfast was Egg and Cheese Sandwich and Fish & Chips, with tea and coffee…

After our breakfast, we took a stroll along the beach to snap some shots of the seaview bungalow that is much bigger with 2 to 4 rooms (I think).

Walkway to the bungalow

This is one of the 4 bigger bungalows at Yasin
Looks nice isn’t it?

And this is the other one
Great for bigger families and big group of friends

Before we head back to the room to pack up and wait for time to pass, we spotted these on the beach… do you know who left them behind?

Tiny footprints by our little friend

More views of the water bungalows with nice backdrop by the nature…

We stayed in our bungalow for the rest of the day as I was badly bitten by the thirsty mosquitoes there. Staying in door was the best solution. Played some games on our PSP and couldn’t resist the temptation of taking a last afternoon nap while we still can. And when we woke up, this beautiful view made us want to stay there for another day!

Looking out the balcony door

Bright sun, nice sea breeze and beautiful scenery!

Soon it was time to check-out and take our lunch before we head to the jetty. Really couldn’t bring ourselves to leave such peaceful and relaxing place. But reality is waiting for us back here. How I wish we could just stay there and rest our minds for a few more days.

So what’s for lunch?

Chicken Satay

Sweet and Sour Fish

Fried Vermicelli

Saying goodbye to the friendly staff at Yasin Bungalow, we departed in the chartered car to the jetty. The journey there seemed longer and our mind was filled with the scenery and experience back at the bungalow. Thanks to the nice sky and beautiful clouds at the jetty, my mind managed to give the trip a beautiful ending.

Isn’t the clouds just look amazing?

This marked the end of our short getaway at Yasin Bungalow, Bintan. It was truly a different experience as compared to the other one we had at Mayang Sari Resort. At Yasin, everything is back to the basic. With no air-con (but was windy most of the time), no water heater (YES! I showered in COLD water for 3 days!) and too many mosquitoes!

Besides the beautiful photos (taken with my little Canon IXUS 950) and wonderful memories of the time we had at Bintan, I got on me many ugly marks given by the vicious mosquitoes! And these are some of them many on my body!

Highlighted in white circles…

on my hands

and look at the many many more on my feet!

So if you’re planning to make a trip there, I believe some of you who’d been following my posts will, please make sure you’re packed with the MUST HAVES…

Mosquito Repellent

Your favorite medicated oil

Thanks for following me on my trip to Bintan. Hope you like the photos I took. And do look out for the final closing post of my trip where I’ll post up video footage and also revealing the cute little friend we met at Yasin Bungalow!