Chanced upon this and the moment I saw it, I’m totally in love with the idea! Forget about the boring gift packs and useless presents. This is the one you should get!

How can ANYONE resists such cute and wonderful gift? And I wonder whoever received this will EVER want to pull them apart! Its just too cute and lovely to use leh! If I receive it, I won’t even want to unwrap it loh!

This cute gift idea is the creation of Stubbornsnails. Started and owned by mummy of Baby Boyd. I chanced upon it while reading Noel Boyd’s blog.

These eye catching, attention seeking and simply adorable gifts are NOT cakes! Well, at least not edible ones. These are Diaper Cakes! How clever is this?!

New born babies will surely need to use diapers. And the new daddy and mummy will need to find out which diaper fits their baby best right? This gift is the perfect one for them! There’s an option where you can choose to have few brands of nappies packed in the “cake” for the parents to try on their baby. This idea of a Diaper cake is so thoughtful and creative! I’ve never seen a real one before. But looking from the photos, I would say all mummies will LOVE IT!!

I’ve checked with Stubbornsnails on their pricing for the cakes. It ranges from $69 to $129 for a single-tier to a three-tier cake. YES! They’ve got tiers just like the real cake! They also do customised orders too. Give them a budget, tell them what you like, and they’ll whipped out something to fit your requirements!!

As a crafty person myself, I know how much time and effort has to be put into creating each and every cake. And due to the nature of the product and its purpose, Yummy Mummy has to take extra care when crafting this cake. So that parents need not have to worry about using the nappies and products on their baby.

If you’re looking for a gift for your friends or relatives who’d just given birth, do pop by at Stubbornsnails to take a look. I’m sure you’ll love the creations!

Anyone of you, my friends giving birth? Let me know ok! So I can order one of these for you! :)