I want to touch! And I’ve touched it already! Do you want to know what I touched?

Its sleek, sexy, cool, slim, beautiful and intelligent! She’s a beauty in her own league. And she simply loves to be touched. You can be gentle with it, and yet she can take it if you’re rough too. Come, let’s touch her together with me…

HP had an exclusive preview of their latest product HP TouchSmart IQ500 to a group of famous and popular Singapore bloggers on Tuesday, 24 June 2008.

We got the first hand experience with the second generation of HP TouchSmart PCs. First look at it and wow! Loving it. But it’s not quite my type of PC, but still loving it if I can have one at home. This beauty is more suitable for family use and entertainment purposes. Suitable for the very young, and the very young at heart, to the grandmas and grandpas.

Will do a more detail review when I’ve the time, but for now, here’s a quick look at what happened at the event and who was touching what!

HP TouchSmart IQ500 will be available in Singapore later part of July 2008.
Are you wanting to touch it already?

Thanks to the lovely people at Waggener Edstrom and HP for hosting this wonderful event. And thanks Daryl for the invitation! The event was great! People from Waggener and HP were very friendly and smiley! Looking forward to future events.

For official press release please click here.

(Wonder what’s going to be announced next week! Hmmm…)

Check out HP TouchSmart Singapore Blog for updates and links to all bloggers who attended the event.