(And she’ll cry if she wants to…) Yes! Claud almost cried! Cos of the love and fun she had that night!

Claud loves throwing party! If she had a huge house with unlimited dollars to spend, she’ll throw one every Saturday! But in reality, Claud cannot afford to do that. But she did throw one last weekend! And it was a blast!

Claud’s birthday was around the corner, and she had planned a gathering for her friends to do two things that she’s always wanted to but has no time. She invited her closer friends for a night of boardgaming fun at Decoder’s Cafe and a dance and drink till they dropped party at St James Powerhouse.

She is very very happy and she felt the love from everyone there. The party wouldn’t have been this GREAT without any of them…

Claud’s BFF for 10years! (aka Claud’s mahjong pals aka polymates)

With hot babe Diana aka molemole
(aka host of the show!)

Claud’s favorite Kitty, Daphne!

Claud’s favorite Yebber babe! Bobo!

3 hot babes (Bobo, Kitty and Rinaz) + 1 ugly duckling (Claud)

Group shots taken at Decoder’s Cafe… with some who’d gone to St James and some who had left earlier…

Some of the Yebber gang at the party

Same gang but now with Claud’s Abang

More of the gang joined in this shot

And here’s everyone who was around at the end of the boardgaming party.
SC, Daphne, Claud, Vanessa, Rinaz, Ladyironchef, Abang, Andy, Leon, Andrea, June, Mervin, Susanna and Bobo.

(MIA from this shot: SY, Krisandro, KKNN, Diana, D’s F, Jon, Christine and HFB)

Next stop… St James Powerhouse!

It was Claud’s first time at St James. She had not been clubbing for very long and she missed it quite a lot. When some of her friends suggested partying after the gaming, she got excited and had been waiting for that night since then.

Claud is a mambo girl, but St James Powerhouse wasn’t any close. Still, she managed to let her short hair down and danced the night away. Claud can dance almost to all kind of music, as long as there’s a beat and rhythm. Ha!

That night was the first where she had that much drink on her tables. There was a bottle of Johnnie Walker, two small baileys, two tower of Tiger beer and a jug of vodka ribena. With help of her friends, they managed to cleared all within 3 hours.

Like a BOMB! (The capsule NOT Claud!) Nice isn’t it?

Some shots of the red faced Claud with the fun party people that night…

Claud’s dearest dearest Abang!!

Despite him being SUPER tired after booking out from his reservist few hours before, he came and stayed till 3.30am with Claud! Claud is super touched and happy that he stayed. Although most of the time Claud was having fun at the dance floor, Abang just sat there, looking after everyone’s things and the drinks. Claud wants to tell Abang how much she appreciates his company and really really am very happy that he was there all the time. Claud loves Abang very very much!

Claud with pretty pretty KKNN (aka Krisandro’s GF)

Claud with red faced Krisandro

With Diana at Powerhouse

Marc joined in the party too!

Claud with long time neighborhood friend, Bing

Claud’s brother! (Kinda drank after almost 3/4 tower of beer)
Hunsome or not? Someone said he kute loh! :S

That was the night long party from 7pm to 4am! Claud wants to thank everyone who came and celebrated her birthday with her. Claud also wants to thank all for the birthday wishes and pressies!! OMG! The pressies!! Love all of them!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

So what did Claud receive from her friends? Stay tune to find out! :P

Thank you everyone!