I’m loving my new toy! Do you know what is it?

First saw the X-mini at Challenger, but good thing I didn’t buy it then. Saw this new release, the X-minimax at Challenger, the next time I was there. But still didn’t get it. Finally, at CommunicAsia08, I saw the real thing in action. And I told myself I MUST get it!

Here I am… a happy girl with my mini size but powerful sound speakers – the X-minimax!

Here are 2 quick reviews I did with my canon ixus camera. These videos can’t do real justice to the speakers, but will have to make do with it. You should still be able to hear the difference!

With PSP

With Macbook

Convinced? Go buy one!!

Not convinced?
Ask me out for dinner and I’ll show it to you! Dinner on you of course!

Oh and did I tell you that this is a local creation? Support local products! But only the good stuff!