This was how I looked when I arrived at Downtown East on Friday evening…

Krisandro alerted me about this Meet and Greet Session with the Care Bears happening at Downtown East till 29 June. And just the night before, I wanted to buy a mini Goodluck Bear but couldn’t find the smallest one which I want.

Care Bears count down! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!

I loveee the Care Bears when I was much much younger. I would be glued to the TV set when Care Bear show was on. I would do the “Care Bear Stare!” together with the Care Bears when they did it in the show.

Hoping to take photos with them today, I got Abang to drive me down after work, to catch the 7pm session. We arrived just in time for the show and I waited patiently for the show to end. Everyone around me were KIDS!! I was the eldest kid there that was crazy about the Care Bears.

There performed 2 dances and then the emcee announced for those with the photo-taking coupon to queue up for the shoot.


I need a coupon in order to take photos with the Care Bears??? I was disappointed! The closest I can get to them was to stand at the edge of the stage to snap some quick shots of them! Waaaaa!!!

If you’re planning to go catch them and take a photo with them too, please go 30-minutes before showtime to collect a photo taking coupon. No coupon, no photo!

So took photo of wooden Care Bear display loh

The Care Bears will be at Downtown East Foyer on…
01- 29 June 08
Tuesday to Thursday: 7pm
Friday to Sunday: 3.30pm and 7pm

Video of Care Bears dancing…

Did you notice “Share Bear” almost tipping off?