More than a year ago, Claudia got to learn about from some blogger’s blog and it was also the period where was about to celebrate its first anniversary. Claudia was unsure at first whether or not to join the party as she didn’t know anyone from Feeling adventurous, she signed up for it eventually and went with a girl friend of hers. Both of them had not a single idea who was going to be there.

Claudia did some homework before the party and she recognized some of the bloggers present. She was able to point out some of the people there including… Kevin, U-zyn, Arzhou, Rinaz, DK, Veron, Sheylara, Josh, Ming and a few others. Sadly, she didn’t go up to any of them to say hi. And she felt that they, being the regulars, could have approached the new faces at the event instead to make them feel welcome. She only recalled a girl (Daphne) going around trying to break-ice with everyone. The rest of the gang, well, were just being within their own gang. Claudia even wrote a not-so-good post about it but still looked forward to their 2nd anniversary.

Although the very first gathering with Pingsters didn’t turn out that well, Claudia continues to hang around in, and quietly supports Ping by checking back regularly, helping to spread the words around (although her traffic was very bad than), doing the Ad and she even started attending gatherings and outings with fellow Pingsters. In fact she attended quite a number of these outings! She tries her best to take nice photos at every gatherings to help her remember who was present and so that she could blog about it.

Events attended over the past 1 year with…

Although it was just a short one year time, Claudia got to know a lot of friends through blogging and Some became quite close and is bonded with some of them too. (But none as close as becoming a BFF-kind-of-close) She is very happy that blogging actually helped expand her social circle and it also gives her the opportunity to attend events and launches that’s “By Invitation” only. This also have been keeping Claudia very busy attending, editing the photos/videos and sharing her experience with her blog readers.

Claudia knows that in any community, online or offline, there will sure to be conflicts, fights, ups and downs. (She’d experienced even worst cases back in her ex-workplace.) But these are also the elements that helped make the community and relationship even closer. It also allows everyone in the community to see and find out more about the people in it.

Claudia started off in a not-so-friendly situation with, but she’s very glad that she’s still participating in the community and is able to contribute a little here and there. She loves taking photos of the pretty, sexy, handsome and friendly people in Claudia will continue to support Ping and the nice people behind it. (No matter who they are.) She don’t know how long more will she be able to continue supporting the community, but as long as she’s still blogging, still typing, still taking photos, she’ll do her best in anyway she can to support Ping.

Claudia is happy that the 2nd anniversary was a success and she feels that it was more relax and casual this time round. The group was smaller than the first one, but this also allows more interaction between those present. It was more informal and fun. Claudia is happy to meet all the new pingsters and catch up with the long time supporters like herself.

Ping is not just another community that Claudia is engaging in. Ping is a community where she truly enjoys and love being part of. Claudia wishes Ping and Uzyn all the best and may Ping grow and grow and grow!