It was a great great event! Lovely venue, beautiful scenery, great weather and with so many powerful chips! Very sleepy and tired now, so I shall let the photos do the talking for me. More thoughts on the event and Intel chip in the next post. (After my post on the NE Show firework video!)

Intel Centrino2 Press Event at OneDegree15 @ Sentosa Cove

We were there for this chip

What’s so great about this tiny chip? More in my next post.

These beauties were all installed with the mighty tiny chip…

This attracted all the female (and some male) guests.

This was huge! 18+” laptop!

This is sexy! I like!

G50 by Asus – Should be out in the market when you see this post.
Look out for it at your friendly electronic store!

After a great buffet lunch at Latitude Bistro, it was time for the bloggers group to head out to sea!

For members only!

Erm… I highly advice all of you to NOT do this!

Brian has practiced this stunt for many years. So kids! Don’t try this at home!

We went onboard Sardinia

Where we witnessed the powerful speed of WiMax by Qmax.

After testing out the speed of WiMax, bloggers do what they do best, they camwhored! This time it was quite a tricky task. Camwhoring on a moving boat and trying to balance oneself is NOT easy ok! Video coming up in next post!

I was busy camwhoring too! But not with myself, but with the beautiful scenery surrounding us. I love the fluffy clouds and breathe taking view! I want a house at Sentosa Cove!!

Luxury living under construction

I loveee this view!!

The journey ended too soon…

I wonder when will I ever have a chance to go onboard again.

Big thanks to Brian and Tania for the invitation!

You rock!

As mentioned, more thoughts and details of the chips in my next post. And if you’re not afraid of getting motion sickness, stay tune for my shaky video clip!