Few minutes ago, one of my colleague shouted that there’s an explosion at PUB building at Somerset. Then I remembered two of my uncles are working in that building! Quickly SMS them to see if they’re alright.

One of them called and told me that there was an explosion in the maintenance room on the highest floor. And his was on the 2nd. Everyone evacuated from the building.

Colleague’s girlfriend is working in a school nearby, everyone around the building also evacuated to safe zones.

Just relieved that my uncles are both well and fine.

From ST online

FOUR workers were injured in a flash fire which broke out at the Singapore Power building on Somerset Road at 10.10am on Wednesday.

One worker suffered burns while the others came down with smoke inhalation.

The fire triggered a 15-minute power outage in the vicinity, and prompted mass evacuation of office staff in several buildings in the area.

It is understood that a switch gear in a room on the third floor of the SingPower sparked off the electrical fire.

Office workers in the area heard a loud explosion, followed by black smoke rising from the building.

Some buildings in the area reported power failures, and immediately evacuated staff as a safety measure.

Some 500 workers in the SingPower building were asked to leave their premises and move outdoor.

The building management of The Heeren, which is about 300 metres away, also evacuated some 30 people from the shopping centre.

Mr Jae Liew, 41, a relations manager at The Heeren said he heard a ‘loud bang’, which immediately triggered a blackout in the building.

He added that the traffic lights in the area also went out of order.

A spokesman for SingPower said power was restored within 15 minutes.