I just couldn’t resists!

Ok, enough of child’s play. I’ve got more serious work to do you know?

This blog will be on a short hiatus from this post on.

Till we meet again! Sayonara!

Disclaimer update:
Just for everyone’s understanding, Claudia usually breaks up her posts of major events into many parts so that her readers need not scroll too much and also for her to post her thoughts of the event better. She has no intention of breaking it up so as to get more pageviews or to get into the top10 charts. She doesn’t run any ads on this blog hence its really pointless for her to do that. Posting everything in one post is much easier as she doesn’t have to arrange the photos in any storyline or title. However she feels that it’ll be more reader friendly for users to find photos they want to use or post that they want to read. Claudia wish to thanks one and all for their friendly mention in their blogs (be it good or bad). If you have any comments or feedback, Claudia appreciates if you can contact her directly via any means possible. Her email is somewhere on the sidebar, do feel free to drop her an email.