Pingsters and yummy food...

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

Pretty cupcakes baked by Caressa

Everyone wanted a piece of the cupcakes…

Trying to get a good shot of the cakes before they’re gone

Some just couldn’t resists having a shot with the cupcakes

Priss, Uray and Wendy

Jacelyn, Sylvia and Rinaz

Finally the food is ready!

Pingsters are friendly and orderly people
See they queue for their food!

Ridz hungry for food

Here are some shots of fellow Pingsters and friends with their food…

Nicholas and Sheylara

Sylvia, Mintea, Jean and Priss

The nice people from Waggener Edstrom

Ruth and Melvin

Wendy and Keith

Like mother like daughter

Shervon and Diana

Cheers to!

Rinaz, Sheylara and Jacelyn

Thirsty NTT tried to pour out the final drip of guava juice

Next up – The Finale

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