When everyone’s stomach was filled up, we gathered back for the highlight of the day. Ping Lipdub Video and the announcement of the Grand Award winners!

Rinaz shared her experiences from creating the first Ping.sg community video
The Ping Lipdub Video

We can see how excited she was ya?

The video is very very well done! Everyone loves it! I was rather angry with myself as I couldn’t make it to any of the recordings. Hope we’ll have a second one for Ping’s 3rd Anniversary!

Here’s the video by Rinaz

After the video, we gathered the finalist for the Most Pong and Poof Awards

Arzhou, Krisandro, Shervon and Sheylara with Mintea counting the Pongs

Shervon must be wondering what Mintea was doing poking her chest

She’s so adorable isn’t she?

Winners of the Most Pong and Poof Awards…

Shervon and Sheylara

Shervon was awarded the Most Poofed Award

Feeling happy with her Ping Pong Bat

Sponsors sharing more about what they do…

Philip Devlin, Product Marketing Manager from HP

Josh couldn’t make it, so Uzyn received the Thank You gift on behalf of Advertlets

Melvin sharing his role at Waggener Edstrom

Ping Pong bats were also given to our sponsors…

Here’s Uzyn presenting token of appreciation to Melvin

There were two bats that were given out after much effort by Uzyn and his computer.

This is one of the bat…

Uzyn compiling the results in font of group of witnesses

To make the compiling even more transparent, he decided to show it to everyone…

You’ll never see this kind of screen flashed at any other celebrations ok!

Finally after voting by everyone present at the party, Post and Blog of The Year winners were announced!

Congrats to Rinaz for winning the Post of The Year award!

As you can see, she’s very delighted! She sure deserves the award!
(But I’m jealous! I was so close to winning! :P)

Rinaz brought home the Post of The Year ping pong bat, $200 Takashimaya vouchers, dinner for 2 with the guys at Waggener Edstrom (Rinaz bring me bring me? Wahahaha!) and a beautiful hand-engraved wine glass by Markchoon.com.

And the Grand Award was given to Krisandro!! He received Blog of The Year award! So happy for him!

Philip presenting the award to Kris

Kris won himself the Blog of The Year ping pong bat, a beautiful wine glass by Markchoon.com and the sexy HP Mini Notebook (check out the HP Mini in the vodcast by Tech65)!

Kris with his fantastic prizes!
(Envy lah!! Kris I want to play play with your new toy ok? :P)

And here are the winners of the lucky draw for those who voted for the post and blog of the year…

Next up – Photos of Pingsters at The Party

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