Here are all the rest of the shots taken on Saturday of the Pingsters. Find all the pretty, sexy, handsome and candid shots here!

Group shot of Pingsters and Friends…

(Bigger version)
with some MIA as they had to leave early

Sekling and U-zyn

Wendy and Uray

Mintea and Rinaz




Shy NTT and Mintea

Yufeng, ironicgamer and Rei

Krisandro the Chao Ah Beng

Nicholas and Hilary

Diana with daughter Shervon

Hendri, Kahwee and Sylvia

Lance and Darren

Sheylara and Jacelyn

Hendri, Kris, Kahwee, Darren and Lance

Daryl (trying to shoot me while I shoot them), Nicholas (trying to steal Sheylara’s food) and Sheylara


Me with sweet and adorable Shervon

Ping on Ping on Ping (understand? Wahahahaha!)

(Bigger version)
Another group shot (blurred thou. Sad!)

Who has the biggest manboobs??

(Bigger version)
Jerrick Lim!!

Here are some of the award recipients…

The 2 sexy and hot bloggers…

Krisandro and Rinaz
Congrats once again!!

For everyone who were at the party, do feel free to use all the photos posted for your blog. I won’t try to sue anyone for using the photos. Wahahaha! These photos are taken by me, a member of community, for you, members of community! :)

For full collection of photos, you can view it here. Some will also be uploaded in Facebook. So tag away!

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