How it all began…
About 1 week ago, I saw a mysterious post on forum about a Pizza outing by this mysterious guy call coffeeblack. Not knowing what it was about, I MSN Daryl to check since he was the other guy being mentioned in the forum.

The next thing I know, I was dragged into this mass orgy chat in MSN! There I discovered what was happening and eventually signed up for the outing since it was on my birthday!

Hence, for the entire of today yesterday, I have been looking forward to the gathering and craving for the yummy pizzas. At 6pm, the kaisu Kris, Daphne and myself took a cab, got stuck in massive jam, paid $21 for cab fare, and finally reached Goodwood Greenwood Avenue at 6.30pm!!!

Corridor of the restaurant

Feeling SUPER hungry and to waste the hour together while waiting for the rest to arrive, we ordered some finger food to fill our tummies. We ordered…

A basket of brown balls which Daphne loves

Beef Balls @ $8

And a basket of super crispy and slightly spicy wings

Chix Wings @ $8

Soon Uray, Wendy and Joey (birthday boy aka my evil twin) arrived. Where we adjourned to the tables inside which was set-up for our reservations.

Inside L-Estaminet (next door of Peperoni Pizzeria)

The bar counter inside L-Estaminet

The place is very cosy and has a very old style kind of feel to it. There’s also a backyard with outdoor dining, and a private glass room (which would probably be better for our group size to be in), but it was already taken by other guests.

Slowly the rest of the gang joined us at the table. Over the next hour, the table was slowly filled up with 18 pingsters. Namely… Uzyn, Sek Ling, Daphne, Arzhou, Krisandro, KKNN, Wendy, Uray, Chaosdingo, Me, Abang, Jerrick, Nadia, Daniel, Rinaz, Sheylara, Daryl and Ironicgamer. (will link everyone up tomorrow when I’m more sober. haha!)

Something caught Chaosdingo eyes and I was shocked too when I saw it!

I looked at the menu again, and stared at the many many glasses of ice water on our table. This dinner was going to cost us a fortune if they’re really charging $200 for ice water!! Good thing it was just a joke, I think. No charge for the ice water. Which by the way, tasted too much like tap water. Yap! It’s directly from the tap!

Besides the Chix Wings, the other 2 dishes that I would love to eat again if I go back are…

Alfunghi Pizza @ $21 for large (12inch)

You can actually have 2 different toppings for a large pizza! We didn’t know it since Jerrick was later and we’ve already ordered our second round of pizzas.

Portobello Mushroom @ $15

This is VERY VERY good! Although I just ate like a tiny piece of it, but it’s surely worth the $15!

And the BEST thing is, they DO NOT charge any 10% service charge!! And the 7% GST is already included in the price stated in the menu. Total bill for tonight was $458. Not too expensive, considering the number of beers we ordered.

Hope to go back again when I’m around that area. If not, its just too far and ulu to go on my own just for the food.

Thanks everyone for the great dinner, great company, great surprise and great night!! One of the best I’ve had so far!! Looking forward to many more birthday parties with Pingsters again! Uray’s NEXT!!!

Ending this post with the only THREE photos I have with human…

With 3 pretty and young ladies, KKNN, Wendy and Uray
(I’m OLD already! Sadness!)

With the humsum chaosdingo
(This picture of u nice right? :P)

And finally with my dearest Abang!!

Although he’s very exhausted after his reservist training under the hot hot sun the entire day, he still came and accompanied me till night. Really really appreciate his love and care towards me. Thank you Abang!! I love you very very very much!! MUACK!!! ;)