I’ve been greatly disturbed and distracted by many things that happened lately. Now that I’ve my thoughts almost sorted out, perhaps its time for me to post it.

I was looking for a phrase or a few words to describe the mess created by bloggers. And “The Internet is DEVIL” came to mind. Seriously I blame it all to the INTERNET! Due to the convenience and speed information is being passed around the Internet, everyone’s taking advantage and many have forgotten the real world. The world where touch and smiles are exchanged.

I admit I spent too much time online. Too much time wasted on the Internet. But after witnessing so much things that could happen within such a used-to-be-closely knitted group of people. Its scaring me. Have everyone forgot about how it feels to hurt someone? Scolding and bitching about a person is so much easier online. Try doing that in real life. If you’re human, will you do this to your friends or even people whom you’re only acquittance with? Being an online gangster is much simple as you only need to use your fingers and words to kill. Really, words can kill. And worst still, online-killing can be anonymous! Use whatever nicknames you want and post comments everywhere. It allows anyone to have multiple identities. Maybe those very close to you may be the ones adding on to the fire! It’s really seriously very very scarey! Hence one should learn what to be taken seriously and what to just read-and-forget. Perhaps someone should try filming “Catch me if you can 2 – the online version”.

I have friends whom I’d met online from forums and mIRC more than 10 years ago. Up till today, we’re still friends. And I treasure these friendship. And I’m going to treasure all the new ones found on the communities I’m now active in. No matter if I’m still in the community or not. I believe real friends will never break-up due to things other friends or acquaintance say. As friends, we should trust what we see and believe in them. And not judge them based on what others say.

Very often, my instincts are almost 99% true. When I get to know someone, I’ll usually be able to tell whether or not we will ever become friends or forever remains as the “Hi! Bye!” group of friends. And the remaining 1%, its when I missed interpreted and trusted the wrong kind.

Looking at all that happened, for the past year, my instincts has been pretty accurate.