Attended a friend’s grandfather’s wake this evening. I can see how much she cares and loves him. I felt a sharp ache in my heart when she shared her moments with him when he was around. She described how he enjoyed playing Nintendo, how he’ll record korean and taiwan drama for his wife and how he’d enjoyed his final days by eating things he want, drinking the soda he likes and continue to enjoy every minute of being alive.

In my mind, I tried to picture my Grandma, Grandpa, my parents and my love ones. I could hardly recall such details and happy moments I have with them. Especially my Grandma and Grandpa. I grew up living with them till I was in Primary 4. Returned back to stay with my parents since Primary 5 since I was old enough to take care of myself when my parents were at work.

I love my Grandma and Grandpa very much. They are the ones who took care of me since birth and they provided me home, love and many happy times during my fond childhood. They would buy my favorite food for me (hence the chubby me) and they would bring me to the arcades during weekends. They pampered me with toys, books and almost everything I wanted. I am their eldest grandchild so I receive lots of love from them.

I’m thankful that both of them are still around. But due to a complex history, my grandpa is not living with grandma now. The last time I saw him was 3 years ago. And all I could do was ask grandma if he’s ok. No one from my family could see him. He’s living with his protective and selfish family. I don’t know the truth behind this complex relationship, but I just feel very upset that we’re not allowed to visit him. He was very ill when we last saw him, and have been hearing that his condition has improved and deteriorate over the past years. I wish I could visit him, I hope he’ll still remember and recognize his lovely grandchildren if we get to see him again.

I want to be able to have more fond and happy memories with my love ones. I want to be able to tell a beautiful life story of my love ones when they’re no longer around. I want to be able to share my beautiful memories with my love ones in the future. I want to treasure them when they’re still around. I want to be able to spend more time with them when I still can.

I want to tell their life story here in my blog, to keep a record of them for me, for my children, for my family and my love ones. I want to be able to remember all these memories when I grow old. I want to start compiling their story here and keep them alive here… forever…

My Family Story
coming soon…

(Photo taken at Bro’s 21st Birthday few years back.)