Here’s the video taken at the Intel Centrino 2 launch at Sentosa yesterday.

Apologise for not posting of my thoughts as mentioned in my previous post. Not in the right mind to write anything logical today.

Just a quick note, if you’re planning to get a laptop soon, hold your horses! Centrino2 is surely worth the wait. Asus and Acer should already have launched their models out in the market today. The rest will come in end July or in August 2008. Keep a look out. Lenovo has quite a few solid models too.

You can read more about it at the following blog and sites (thanks to themediaslut, perhaps I shouldn’t have grouped all of them together. Apology to Dairus.)…

  • Darius Chang did a great write-up article over at his blog Cnet. If I’m not wrong, he’s the one with very technical and brain squeezing questions during the Q&A session.
  • Nicholas shares his take on the new chip and happenings at the event.
  • Bernard has another great write up too. He was at the Blogger session at Geek Terminal that night.