Guess I’ve reached the point where I start to relook at what I want to achieve in my life. (Yap, I do that very often for the past couple of years.) Every time, I’ll ask myself a question and see where my answers will go from there.

Question to ponder this round… “What’s my ideal job?” If there’s a job that’ll fit perfectly in my list of answers, I’ll most probably be jumping into it in no time. If you know of any openings that fits into my list, please please please contact me ASAP ok? So that I’ll not miss out on this opportunity! Claud’s resume can be found here. Wahahahahaha!!

Claudia’s Ideal Job will be…

  • one that allows me to work anytime I want.
    It should still have an office with a table for me to go to, but I can choose to start work anytime and end work as late as I want. Preferably with vending machines for coffee and snacks with a cosy corner for staff to chill and relax. SWEET!
  • one that allows me to wear whatever I want to work. T-shirt and shorts and sandals! COOL!
  • one that pays me what I deserve! Nope! $2.4k is sooo not enough! Imagine the amount of bills, insurance and expenses I have every month! (And with the house that I’ll have to pay for in couple of years to come!) I’m sure there are many companies out there that can do A LOT better than just $2.4k/mth right?
  • one that gives me room to experiment, learn, fail and advance. I’m one person who cannot live in a boring job. I need lots of excitement and new areas for me to explore to in my job.
  • one with a dynamic team of fun and happening friends to work with.
  • one that’ll not stop me from attending any blogger (Social Media) event that I want to go.
  • one that’ll reward their staff according to their performance at work.
  • one that’ll remember everyone’s birthday and also hold parties for everyone during Christmas and any major holidays the company celebrates.

“Claud! Are you crazy?? Where got such good job in this world? If have I also want lah!”

Yap! Who don’t want this kind of job right? Claud is determine to continue the quest for her ideal job. If she cannot find it, she might just start one on her own! Wahahahahaha!!

SOooo… What’s YOUR ideal job?

Interestingly, I saw a twit by benkoe and I have to agree with what Charlene said

“At a career management course for HBS alumni, I learned that a person typically gets sick of a job after 18 months. This is a natural cycle, as you go through the excitement of learning a new job, become expert at it, and then gradually, it gets routine. So the advice I got was to plan for job obsolescence every 18 months. This didn’t mean that I had to leave the company and go to a new place – it had more to do with redefining my current job first to incorporate new challenges”

Perhaps I’m a faster learner (or at least I think I’ve already learned all the things I can), 18mths seem too long for me. Perhaps 13 or 15 months will probably be the end for me. Unless something damn good or exciting takes place.