Month: August 2008

Blogger in HBO Latest Comedy?


So how the hell did I know about Flight of the Conchords? All thanks to HBO for taking their first step to reaching out to the new kind of media (Social Media?), I shall call it the blogger-dia. Hmmm… moving on…

This is one of the more exciting blogger event I’d attended. We got to check out HBO office!! How cool is that?!

And Weirdly, Jermaine reminds me of a blogger leh!

No Degree No Monie?


Reality sucks! About slightly more than a year ago, I was jobless and was out searching for a dream job. I looked at every job listed on all the job listing sites and newspaper. 99% of those I want to try for needs at least a Degree in the respective field of work. Why is it so important to have that piece of paper? Shouldn’t experience and work attitude be more important?