2010 may be the year for me. To help prepare for that day, I’m going to start doing my homework from now. In 2010 collection, I’ll gather all the wedding ideas, good references and recommendations from friends and family.

To start of, here’s a collection of photos from Clarissa and Mr. T Wedding Album. I loveeeee the concept and effect of the shots. These shots looks like its from a Taiwan series or movie can? So nice!! I also want!

This is my most favorite shot from their album.

This is my second most favorite shot!
Can be used as a movie poster right? SO NICE!!

This shot tells me a story.

Perfect couple

I like the mood in this

Nice gown!!

More photos can be found on Clarissa’s blog.
Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

The bride is beautiful and has a great personality. She’s fun and outgoing. The groom is so charming and handsome! (Gals, if you’re still single, fly to Taiwan often! Yap! Mr. T’s from Taiwan!) Perfect couple!

Thanks Bobo for getting the information for me from here sister. This collection is taken in Taiwan at Julia Wedding News.