Have you caught Wall.E yet? I went to catch it today and will be catching it AGAIN on Sunday!! I’ll share more about the 2nd trip when I’m back from it. ^_^

First half of the show passed by with only a few words exchanged between Wall.E and Eve. It seems almost like a silent movie if without the music and sound effects. But everyone is just happy to watch Wall.E rolling himself around.

I strongly encourage parents to bring their kids to catch Wall.E. This is not just another cartoon movie. But there’s a deeper meaning and thoughts put into the story.

If I were to bring my child to the show, some of the questions I’ll ask after the movie…

1. What is Wall.E?
(Nope, he’s not just another character! His role is important in the modern world where there’s too much trash needing to be disposed.)
2. What is Eve doing on Earth?
3. Why do you think the people in that huge spaceship are so fat?
4. Why is that small plant in the shoe an important element in the movie?
(Ermm… you might want to use simpler words when asking your kid.)
5. Why do you think the robots wants to destroy the plant?
6. What can you do to protect our earth?
7. Can you recognized the sound when Wall.E starts up after shutting down?
(Ok! This I think only some kids may know! Haha! But it’s not important lah. Can leave the last question out!)

If you’ve caught the show, you’ll probably be able to answer all the questions pretty easily. I hope schools will purchase this movie to show to the kids in school too. Especially when they’ve nothing to do after their final year exam. Wall.E is surely a good cartoon to watch.

Before the show, we went to Toys R Us to walk… and I found Wall.E plushie!! I MUST have it!! And I did! My purse is $13.90 slimmer.

Wall.E is so small that I can bring it around in my bag! And he went to tour Downtown East today! Wall.E wanted to ride the indoor Ferris wheel, but I didn’t want to.

While Wall.E was watching the wheel…

a boy spotted Wall.E!

When we reached home, Wall.E was very sad…

He couldn’t solve the color block!

How he wished I’d brought Eve home too

so she can help him solve it!

He kept looking up hoping to see Eve’s ship

But I’m staying in a HDB leh! All he saw was my ceiling!

I hope I’ll have time to bring Wall.E out for more adventure soon! Stay tune for Wall.E’s adventure with Claudia! WAHAHAHAHA!