So should Claudia get the iPhone?

Claudia is itching to get the iPhone just to experience how wonderful it is that people around the world are talking about it. Being a gadget girl, it’ll be quite a laugh if she doesn’t get to play with the iPhone. But Claudia also know that iPhone 3G will not be the ideal phone for her still. And looking at Claudia’s habit of changing phones, she sees herself getting tired of iPhone one day too.

Claudia needs to convince herself that she should just go and get the iPhone. And here are the reasons to convince her to do that! >_< Krisandro sent her a link on plurk to view the top 10 reasons why she shouldn’t buy an iPhone!

But Claudia says…

#1 No upgrade to the camera – WHAT??? NO VIDEO??? Actually this is the most sucky part for Claudia. Most of you would have known she’s the kind of person who will take photos and videos wherever she goes. She cannot leave without a phone without a camera. 2megapixel is still acceptable since photos taken from her phone are for web use only. And she can hardly recall when was the last time she printed out photos in hardcopy! But it seems like iPhone camera doesn’t have autofocus?? And nooo video!!! Claudia needs to really consider the cons for living without these features. (Maybe she should consider the Samsung phones instead!)

#2 No Adobe Flash support – Ouch!! This means Claudia cannot watch her Vimeo videos on blogs. But they’ve the YouTube app to watch videos on YouTube. Claudia can always switch to upload her stuff from now on to YouTube instead of Vimeo? But Claudia feels that this one is still acceptable ba.

#3 No instant messaging – Claudia say there’s going to be lots of applications available for download and she’s sure someone will be doing something about this. If not, there’s always Twitter and Plurk. She just has to convinced all her friends to register with them so they can keep in touch through web instead of IM.

#4 Totally impractical for international travel – Claudia don’t travel much. Although she hope she could. So who cares?

#5 Not compatible with Bluetooth car kits or headphones – Claudia don’t need this too. When she’s driving, she has to concentrate on the road. She doesn’t pick up calls no matter with bluetooth or not.

#6 No cut and paste – Hmm… copy and paste what? She hates copy cats!

#7 Non user-replaceable battery – Claudia don’t mind bringing the charger everywhere she goes. She wonders if iPhone allow usb charging?

#8 No MMS – Who needs MMS when you can email your photos to Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr? Muahahahaha!

#9 No turn-by-turn navigation – Claudia has a living directory whenever she’s on the road. So its ok without this.

For #10, Claudia don’t really care.

Looking at the above points, Claudia is still trying to fight the thought of buying the iPhone. Other than the HTC Touch Diamond and Samsung F480 or Samsung Omnia, iPhone is the other choice for her. She had said she would get the Diamond instead of iPhone, but when she finally get to play with it, she realised the phone is just too small for her huge fingers. Claudia was quite happy with the F480, especially the camera feature. She had yet tried the Omnia, but the first impression she got when she was at CommunicAsia of the phone wasn’t that good.

So should Claudia get the iPhone?

Just realised that the FAQ is not showing the price plan for other Singtel plans like the Classic plan! Claudia swear it was on that page yesterday! iPhone was going at $728 with Classic plan! Now its gone!!! Claudia regretted not doing a printscreen of it yesterday!!! Now she has no prove! Waaaa!!! Anyone viewed the FAQ page yesterday??? So now consumers must take up their i-plan for the iPhone?

Good thing Claudia has got 3 different lines with Singtel. But still!!! Haiz…