It has been a mind boggling period for me. For the past one month, too many things clouded my mind. It was like standing on the top of a hill and unsure of whether to climb down from the left, right, front or just fall backwards down the hill. The direction that I’m going to take determines quite a lot of what will happen to me in the months and maybe even years to come. It wasn’t as easy as I thought. [Photo taken in 2005 at Paragon]

For the past few experiences I had, deciding on the direction to take was almost clear cut. Usually there will either be a guide showing me the way, or there will be directional sign on the hill. But this time, there wasn’t any of these, and the cause the hill is too high, the road down was blurred by the clouds below my feet. No matter how strong the wind blows, the cloud simply refused to clear.

I know I had to pick a way down this hill. And because I was the one who had chosen it, I have to continue the journey no matter how many rocks or stones that come in my way. I just hope that there will not be too huge a rock that totally blocks my journey down and forces me to climb back up the same hill again.

If you’re one of the few who understands what I am describing, wish me luck. If you don’t and happened to read this, wish me luck too. I need plenty of luck for my journey down this hill and hopefully up an even higher hill.

Preparing to start on my journey down soon… and this is almost how I feel now…

Feeling caged up but wanting to fly
[Photo taken in 2005 at Changi Airport]