This wasn’t how I intended to do as my first blog post after reviving my blog from my short hiatus. But when Mum told me that the man killed was the father of my tutor, I felt an ache in my heart. It always hit me when I hear death of someone whom I know or someone close to someone I know.

I’ve never met her father, but I know my tutor and her sister. They’re both very nice people. She’s my first tutor and until today, she’ll still ask about me when she sees my mother at the coffee shop. And through my mum, I know about how the two sisters are doing.

I first heard about the case over radio while on the road. I was sad that such things happened to a friendly old man, as reported by the press. But when I heard that the man was father of my tutor, I feel worst. I hope whoever that may know what happened help solve this case. Don’t be selfish. Cooperate with the police. I’m sure the family needs and wants to know who, what or why it happened.

Condolences to the victim’s family.