I’ve not been much of a fan for mp3 player in the past as I need only 15minutes to get to work. But ever since I started having to travel daily on bus for at least an hour, I found that I CANNOT live without a mp3 player! Why?

As how Bitter Stickgirl tells her story…

Or when you have some guys playing some games on their PSP with loudest volume (some even had their mp3 player blasting music into their ears lah!). Or when you have a group of students or aunties sitting at the same deck as you, the journey will just seem to be at least twice as long as usual! I cannot tahan (tolerate) such noise in an enclose area!

When I’m in public transport, I will usually take a nap or play games on my psp (with the sound OFF). And I’ll surely have my mp3 player plug into my ears so that I’m in a world of my own. All I hear is the music I like.

As my collection of music isn’t that big, my 2GB Creative Stone player serves me well for more than a year already. Simple to use and plug and transfer. Hates it when I need to use some softwares to transfer mp3 files to the player.

When I was sent an invitation to test out a new mp3 player by Samsung, I was excited! My first review request! How could I not do it? I got to play with the Samsung YP-S3 mp3 player for 2 weeks and here’s how I felt about this slim and touchy player.

The size and design is good for ladies. At just 9.8mm, it will fit nicely in the back pocket of jeans. And with so many colors to choose from, if one is feeling rich, she can even buy each of the colors and match with her mood or clothes!

Things I like about this mp3 player is the animated display, touch pad for navigation and the long battery life. I only had to charge once during the whole of 2 weeks (about 2hrs daily usage). This is great as i hate having to keep charging batteries too often. The navigation touch pad is a little too sensitive. Once I wanted to return to the previous menu, I accidentally increased the volume! Ouch! The music was too loud lah! But then again, I’ve got big thumbs!

The YP-S3 also allows you to view photos, which you just need to drag-and-drop into the player; videos can also be watched, but all videos will have to be converted to their acceptable format which is unique to the brand (I think). So there’s a need to install the converter in your computer and transfer the videos from there. This is a tad too troublesome for me. If Samsung can allow the player to play the common video formats, it’ll probably be more attractive to the consumers. On second thought, this player has too small a screen to comfortably watch a video anyway.

Other features include the FM radio and recording, viewing of text files, there are 5 games to keep one occupied and datacasting. More details can be found here.

Overall I quite like this product. But will probably give it a miss. Comparing with the other mp3 players I’d used, I give this a 3.5 out of 5 rating.