Happened to discover this event – Singapore Bike Fest 2008, while Abang was at Kallang Leisure Mall with his friends. We went on Saturday afternoon to check out what its all about.

When we arrived, I was expecting huge crowd with lots of tents and happenings, but as the sun was too hot, most people stayed indoor at Kallang Leisure Mall atrium, where some vendors were showcasing their latest or classic motorcycles. There were crowds of the Harley Davidson gang and Ducati bike gang. When there’s bikes and men, there’ll sure be babes. But I only spotted a couple there when I was indoor. Didn’t manage to snap any shots so don’t expect to see hot babes in here.

At around 4.30pm, we headed back outside to catch the stunt show. When I heard stunt show, I was anticipating ramps, burned out tires, dangerous jumps and what not. But there were just two bikes and two men riding and doing wheelie and whacking their exhaust with tons of smelly gas.

*cough* *cough* *cough*
Lucky I was standing at the other side

The most “exciting” stunt was when they have pillion on their bike and they did they stunt. I was sweating out for the ladies. One of them was too skinny and light, the rider didn’t manage to get the wheelie done properly. This is one of the better take by the stuntman. Perhaps cos the lady weighs just right and was holding tightly for her dear life.

WOAH! Scary!

Overall not that well received as I’d thought, but guess its consider alright with more than 500 (?) bikes gathering at the same location that day. Or maybe the Sunday one was more happening. Anyone went?

Here are some of more of the shots I took that day…

Front view

From the back

This you’ll never get to see on our road…

Stunt on the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)

One of the sexiest bike spotted that day…

Retro lah!

This one may look normal from afar

Take a closer look at what’s on the side!

Fierce okay!

Ending this post with two out-of-topic shots…

Abang Rocks!

If you’ve not seen me for awhile,
this is how I look now…

Damn fat lah! Eat too much liao!
And the hair just makes it worst! Wahahahaha!