Sony wants to get Closer To You.

This is their new slogan and goal to bring computing and technology closer to you. Their mission is to create the intimacy relationship of your notebooks and you by incorporating quality, design and intelligent software.

VAIO, which used to stand for Video Audio Integrated Operation, is now redefined to become the Visual Audio Intelligent Organiser.

Sony being one of the leading leader in visual and sound, they wants not only to allow you to enjoy the end product, but allowing you to create your own products too. Packed in all VAIO machines, there are many smart and easy to use applications, such as VAIO Media Plus and VAIO Movie Story, that will allow anyone to create their own movies, photo slideshows and rich media on their VAIO machine. (Who says you can only do these on a Mac? Claudia is now a fan of Sony too! *grinz*)

In order to bring it Closer To You, Sony has designed 3 distinctive machines to suit the various individual’s needs. The VAIO SR series allows users to have a single notebook that will work efficiently for both work and play, with just a press of a button (almost similar to “Spaces” feature in Mac OS X).

For those who needs performance but hates the bulkiness, you’ll sure love the upcoming VAIO Z series. This allow users to choose between high graphic performance and extended battery life with just a switch, without having to reboot the system.

And finally, for those who are into entertainment, Blue-ray and HD, you’ll love the VAIO FW series. It comes with an impressive Clear Bright Rich Color 16.4-inch, true 16:9 aspect ratio widescreen display. Packs with an outstanding sound quality with Dolby Sound Room suite, you will be able to immerse yourself in satisfying audio experience right from your laptop!

Have I tempted you enough to go check out these sexy, incredible and to-die-for machines?

Here are some of the photos taken at the launch of the above VAIO models…

VAIO demo section

VAIO Z display – For the driven individuals

VAIO SR display – For the trendy individuals

VAIO FW display – For the fun individuals

Thanks to Ben for the invitation to witness the reveal of three of the latest Sony machines at Fullerton Hotel on Thursday.

Up soon, a comparison between the two…

Find out why Claudia made that decision.

PS: This post is being edited and compiled on wordpress on a VAIO too!