Hello! And welcome to my first issue of <b>Claud talks Gadgets</b>! The purpose of the start of this series is to help me consolidate my thoughts and posts on the gadgets (latest or not) I've come across from day to day. It can be something I spotted while window shopping, introduced by a friend or gadgets which I find interest and power-packed to share. For this issue, I'll be touching on a few new cameras! Yeah! My all-time favorite gadgets!

Hello! And welcome to my first issue of Claud talks Gadgets! The purpose of the start of this series is to help me consolidate my thoughts and posts on the gadgets (latest or not) which I come across from day to day. It can be something I spotted while window shopping, introduced by a friend or gadgets which I find interesting and power-packed to share with you.

Please note that all reviews and thoughts on the gadgets showcased are 100% personal and based on my own understanding and experiences only.

Alright… so for the first issue, I’ll be touching on a few new cameras! Of course I’ve to kick start my first issue with my all-time favorite gadgets lah! I cannot live without them! If you’re considering getting a new camera, I hope this issue will help give you some help for your decision making. If you’ve any other questions on cameras or photography in general, feel free to drop me a line here. I will try my best to answer them. :)

What do you want to read about?
1. Sony T500 with HD video recording
2. Canon latest compact Powershot
3. Review: Samsung NV24HD camera
4. Claud’s latest Gadget Discoveries
5. Win Limited Edition T-shirt!


Sony T500 with HD video recording

This is Sony’s first release of a HD video recording in its Cyber-shot series. The DSC-T500 camera can capture HD videos at 1280 x 720 resolution in 30fps. And one of the coolest thing I like about this camera, is the ability to capture still images while recording a movie! This is done just by a click of a button on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Just like the other range of Cyber-shot cameras, the DSC-T500 features a large 3.5-inch Clear Photo LCD Plus with touch screen display with a user-friendly menu. With 10.1-megapixel, 5x optical zoom and an improved High Sensitivity mode of ISO 3200, this latest Sony camera might be what you need to capture the memorable moments in still images or HD movies.

This new Cyber-shot DSC-T500 will be available in Singapore from late September.

Price unknown.

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Canon latest compact Powershot cameras

Canon announced the launch of the new A-series PowerShot cameras. These new range of Powershot cameras delivers outstanding imaging in pocket-sized form, with its size over 20% smaller than those of their predecessors!

Canon A1000IS

A 10-megapixel camera with 4x Optical Zoom lens, 2.5″ LCD screen and DIGIC III Image Processor. One of the feature I thought is useful for those who don’t want to fuss about the settings when capturing photos is the Easy Mode. This mode allows anyone to take great photos with ease. The shooting settings are automatically selected by the camera.

For example, image blurring is eliminated as the camera automatically switches to macro mode when the camera is too close to the subject in frame. Exposure is also auto corrected so you will not get shots that are over or under exposed.

Being a Canon IXUS user myself, I’m used to shooting with the Manual mode but its lacking in the new A-series. For those who wants to have more control and wants a compact camera, check out the Canon IXUS 950IS or you can also check out the new PowerShot SX110IS.

Suggested retail price: $319

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Review: Samsung NV24HD camera

The first time I saw this camera was on a bus! It was one of those rare outdoor ads that had captured my attention. I was curious to find out what those tiny buttons around the screen were for. And its wider lens and HD video feature! I was lucky enough to be able to take this black beauty for a test drive and here’s my experience with Samsung NV24HD camera.

For me, I’ll group this as a fun and compact camera. The built and feel of the camera is very steady and firm. It’s slim enough to fit into your back pocket but not light enough for you to hang around the neck. This is the camera for those who likes to take self-shots of your friends and yourself. It’s 15.5mm lens is wide enough for group shots like the one below…

The above photo is cropped as there was still a wide space at the sides. So you can fit at least 2 more people in the shot with your hand extended fully. Imagine when there’s no one around to help, you can still have a group shot of 8 friends with yourself in it! This is possible when standing in 2 rows, hands fully extended (get the guy with the longest arms to do it!) and with a little skill. :P

The built-in flash is also better as compared to some of the cameras I’d used before. The dual-bust flash give a more even spread lighting even in the darkest places. Like the photo below, we were inside the Singapore Flyer capsule at night with very low lighting. But the photo turned out pretty well with flash on.

Being a FullHD video camera user, I know I cannot compare the HD quality taken with this camera to that of a HD video camera. However the quality is still acceptable for personal consumption. The video is more grainy as compared to the videos taken with my IXUS. My first video taken with this camera was when my Threadless arrived. Despite the grains showing on the videos, I still like the wider lens of this camera as I can capture a wider view with the HD video. Below are two short clips (unedited) of the view I had on top of the Singapore Flyer and of Wall.E’s visit to the Singapore River…

Flight on the Singapore Flyer

Wall.E’s visit to the Singapore River

And finally these are the many buttons that got me curious about the camera…

the buttons go along the bottom and side of the screen.

Watch this video to find out about the buttons! :P

Here are few more photos taken with the Samsung NV24HD camera…

Indoor with good lightings

Handheld inside capsule at night

The advantage of wider lens…

You can capture more within your frame!

And you can also view other photos in my previous posts here and here.

Overall verdict of this camera…
Great as an anytime camera. Bring it wherever you go and capture the action and moments with ease. However the capturing and processing speed is rather slow and at times when the lighting is super low and when taking photo without flash, you’ve to hold the camera very still while its capturing and processing. Else the photo might be blurred. I quite like the use of the small touch buttons around the screen. This prevents fingerprints to get on the screen while changing settings as compared to a touch-screen camera. The photo-style dial on the left side of the camera comes in handy too as you can easily switched between the various setting without having to call out the menu.

More details here.

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Claud’s latest Gadget Discovery

In this section, I will be posting short notes of some gadgets which I discovered and am attracted to. Nothing much to read though, it’ll be just images and short blurbs about them. If you’ve any cool gadgets to recommend to me, you can drop me a note here.

The Lenovo U110 Ultraportable IdeaPad notebook

What I like? It’s super small and steady built. And the sexy texture cover!

Check out the swirls and texture!

Photo from Switched by Darren Murph.

What I don’t like? Try running Adobe Photoshop on it and I’ll cry!!

Suggested retail price: $2799 | More details here


Sony Cyber-shot T77

What I like? It’s sleek body and beautiful colors! And the simplicity of use.

My favorite color for T77…

Yummilicious brown!

What I don’t like? Hmm… the price tag I guess. :(

Suggested retail price: $549

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This limited edition The Days t-shirt can be yours!

This is Baby (Ivan Lim) from The Days in the T-shirt

For the first issue of CtG, I’m giving away a limited edition The Days t-shirt which I bought during the blog aloud session. According to the ladies behind the counter, this t-shirt cannot be found anywhere else!!

The behind…

To win this stylo-milo t-shirt, all you need to do is to tell me what you would like to see in the future issues of Claud talks Gadgets. E.g. what type of gadgets you hope Claudia to talk about, what sections you want Claudia to add in, you want to see Claudia *cough* posing *cough* with the gadgets etc etc… I will than pick a lucky winner from the lot and you’ll win this stylo-milo t-shirt! Simple right? So start commenting now lah! Wait what wait?

Another lucky winner will win this set of The Days postcard autographed by some of the stars themselves!

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That’s all for the first issue of Claud talks Gadgets. I hope you like it and do share your feedback, good or bad with me. You can drop me a comment below, or send a private message to me here.

Alright! Now to start collecting more gadgets for the next issue of Claud talks Gadgets! See ya!