Before you continue scrolling down, please be prepared to droooooool and drooooooool! This post will be flooded with food we had at Ho Chi Minh City. From the everywhere-you-go-you'll-see Pho 24 restaurant to the food peddler along the road. Are you ready?

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The Yummy and Cheap Food at HCM!

Before you continue scrolling down, please be prepared to droooooool and drooooooool! This post will be flooded with food we had at Ho Chi Minh City. From the everywhere-you-go-you’ll-see Pho 24 restaurant to the food peddler along the road.

Are you ready?

Our first stop for food on the day of our arrival was at Pho 24. I tell you! Pho 24 is like EVERYWHERE at HCM! Every corner you turn you’ll sure spot one! And its also a very welcoming sign for tourists as the restaurant is air-conditioned and is a great place to rest and recharge for longer battles under the blazing sun and heat!

Pho 24 specialty is the beef noodle

The food is cheap, serving is big and the taste is great! Love the sliced beef noodle. Dip the beef into the chili, its so so yummy!

What better way to heal the thirst with freshly squeezed juice!

And some desserts to end the meal

The most important thing that attracted us most was the friendly and helpful staff! They served us with big smile and are very modest. Ice water was served without us asking. And after our meal, when they saw us finishing our watermelon juice, they served us tea! We told them we didn’t order any, and the friendly lady said it was free. What a pleasant surprise! We filled up the feedback form they provided and before I stepped out of the place, I saw them smiling and giggling at the comments I’d left for them. Excellent service!!

We also gave their fast food outlet, the famous KFC, a try. Love it when I am served my chicken and drinks on plates and glasses instead of the disposable ones here in Singapore. The taste of the chicken is slightly tastier and the texture was very crispy. Perhaps the cutlery played a part too. It just made our dining there more comfortable and happy.

When you’re inside shopping at Ben Thanh market, you don’t have to worry about going hungry or thirsty. There’s many food stalls inside the market too. I remember there’s the vietnam dessert that’s sinfully delicious! Filled with coconut milk and brown sugar! But as we were too thirsty, I didn’t manage to get any photos of those!

Here’s what we ordered for lunch on our second day…

This one is not so nice.

This is pretty good and flavorful.

And for dinner that night, we joined the many tourists along the long stretch of food stalls which came out from no where when Ben Thanh market closes for the day. These stalls are something like the Satay street outside Lau Pau Sat where it only comes out at night. Yap, similar concept.

Most of the stalls sell seafood and BBQ stuff. We settled with one that seem to serve normal human food. Some we couldn’t figure out what they were selling!

That’s me with the signboard

Food ordered for dinner that night…

“Shark fin soup”

We’d expected a bigger serving, but was shocked when it came like that. So if you’re ordering this, remember to order one for each pax.

Beef and papaya salad (i think)

Quite yummy and the beef is not those though ones that’s hard to chew. Good with a can of beer. Which is very very cheap! Tourists there were drinking beer by the dozen!

Calamari rings

Coconut steamed prawns

Total bill for that night was about less than S$15. Consider it cheap since there were prawns and beef. Missing from above photos were garlic bread and drinks.

One more place that you’ll find at most places at HCM is the cafe place call Highland Cafe (ermm I’m not 100% sure I got the name right). This is like the coffee bean of Singapore. Many young people hang out there at night with coffee and their laptops. They’ve wireless in the cafe I think. Some outlets also has couple of computers for customers to use. We tried their food there and was pretty happy with it. Can give it a try if you’re there.

Beef stew from the cafe

And now… finally to the most unforgettable food we’ve tasted at HCM! I can still recall the texture of it in my mouth now while I’m typing this!

That’s me waiting for our order…

That’s the shy lady who’s cooking our order…

And here’s what we’d waited for…

Vietname Fried Carrot Cake with special sauce!

This carrot cake is cheap and good!! It was like S$1 I think. If you see this lady near Ben Thanh market, you MUST give it a try! There are many other stalls selling this too, but not sure if the quality is the same. The outside of the carrot cake is very crispy and fragrant. Love it with the special sauce provided.

Right! I’m done with my food post for my trip to HCM… and now… my stomach is making hell lots of noise lah!! Grrrrrrrr….


Stay tune for my next post where I’ll be sharing some interesting photos of people and more places we went during our short trip to HCM.

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